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Banger episode. I thought there can't be that much said about clothing to fill a whole podcast season but here I am wishing the episode would have been twice as long.

When I came out of my teens into adulthood I had a sense that I should dress nicer. I tried and it did have an effect on how I was treated by other people. But that habit slowly faded when I embrace work from home. Now I only dress up of I'm at the company hq or have a physical meeting with a customer.

I still think is should completely overhaul my wardrobe. I always look with admiration at pictures from 100 years ago. Everyone wearing some sort of suit or at least a vest. But what's holding me back is sweat and comfort. I get hot so easily and I would sweat through nice suits easily if it's not cold outside. I also find nice clothing to be pretty uncomfortable. Maybe because they force you into proper posture but pyjamas are just so comfortable.

Looking forward to the next episode!

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If I could make a blind gut feeling based guess about how post mil clothing will look like I think it would be more uniforms. Like in star trek.

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