Some frequently asked questions about True Magic:

How can I find True Magic in my podcast app?

Sometimes podcast apps have pretty poor search results. If you’re not finding the podcast just by searching, you can use these direct links (if your app isn’t listed here, get in touch and we’ll add it):

Or, you can just copy the podcast’s RSS URL into your podcast app, to subscribe directly to the feed:

  • https://api.substack.com/feed/podcast/1143240.rss

How frequently are episodes released?

Episodes are released in seasons which tie them together thematically. Season 1, for instance, is clothing, and season 2 will be food.

Officially, episodes are released fortnightly, with longer breaks between seasons to give us time for research.

Unofficially, we hope to have one episode out every week—although not every one of these will necessarily be part of a season, as we also have keystone content, and the Talky Bnonnsense podcast.

How can I get my product advertised on True Magic?

You can’t. We don’t do sponsorships because they are extremely obnoxious, and we believe relying on advertiser revenue is fundamentally compromising. The only recommendations we make are entirely unpaid, and based on our own opinion that they will be of benefit to our subscribers.

How can I contact Bnonn & Smokey?

Easy. If you’re a paid subscriber, just drop a comment on any post here. Or, anyone can email us directly:

  • hello@truemagic.nz